What is KPPFree™?

KPPFree™, known also as Kempton Premier Providers™ are an exclusive group who offer a new type of pricing structure for select, self-funded plans. Their pricing is up-front, all-inclusive, deeply discounted, and completely transparent. The participating providers are progressive, free market thinkers who are choosing not to cost shift, but to be potential game changers in the healthcare marketplace. We ensure that all Kempton Premier Providers™ earn top marks in quality and value. These are not fly-by-night facilities and physicians. Many of these facilities are physician-owned and highly respected, some at the national level.

This program has resulted in up to an 80% reduction in cost for certain procedures for Kempton Premier Provider™ participants, which has led to nearly five million dollars in savings in just two years. These providers allow our clients to utilize this cash pricing because the claims are paid quickly and at 100%. Plan participants utilizing a Kempton Premier Provider™ for a qualified medical procedure benefit by incurring no out-of-pocket costs and the Plan receives substantial savings. It’s a “win-win” for all parties involved!

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